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Engineering: 1st-3rd


Join us for the new 2017 session of Builders. Creativity and innovation blend as we explore engineering and physics concepts with hands on Do-It-Yourself projects. Empowering campers to think critically and creatively about their own designs we build confidence, knowledge and skills.

Do-It-Yourself design and construction promotes creativity and builds camper confidence. This summer we will be exploring and building:

PVC bow and arrow (with new design for 2017)

Air Cannon Rockets 101

Custom Paddle Boats

And more... 


Daily Builders Workshop -
Each day is a little different at the DIY Builder Workshop. Some days we complete one large project and some days we take on two. It depends on the complexity of the project and the group of campers. We have 3 primary projects and several optional projects that we add if time allows. Our planned schedule of major activities include:

PVC bow and arrow (awesome new design for 2017)

Air Cannon Rockets 101

Custom Paddle Boats


Design Cycle -
Success rarely happens the first time we build something new. Campers explore the value of planning, designing, building, testing and then improving their projects. 

DO-IT-YOURSELF - In a world where so much comes pre-made and prepackaged we like to inspire a little innovation, creativity, and appreciation for the things we have and the amount of thought that goes into them. Nothing builds creativity and confidence like DIY. Campers get to see their ideas come to life through their own efforts. We give them the knowledge, tools and support to practice new skills and create something they can call their own. 

Engineering/Physics Exploration - a wide variety of engineering and physics concepts are explored throughout our projects including motion, friction, buoyancy, lift, density, surface area, and much much more.

Tool Use and Safety - Campers will learn to safely to use basic hand tools and specially designed tools. All tools are used with safety gloves and goggles. 


Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies

Each weeks starts off with professional designed teambuilding to help campers meet new people and build friendships

Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community

Morning (starting at 8:00 AM) and afternoon (Till 5:30 PM) extended care is available at most locations

Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their experience in the subjects they teach