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Engineering: 1st-3rd


The 2018 session of Builders Workshop will be our most exciting ever!  Students will participate in all the steps of the Engineering Design Process while exploring science and physics concepts.  Engineers will work independently and collaboratively to design, build, test, and modify dozens of hands-on projects. These projects promote creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and build camper confidence.

Here are just some of the exciting projects we have in store for your young Engineers:

  • Bridge Building
  • Baking Soda Rockets
  • Super Solar City Build
  • Paddle Boats




Each day is a little different at the Builders Workshop. Campers always begin with a Mini Engineering Design Challenge and move on to a larger challenge tied to the same science or physics concept. During the day there is time to explore and build when they visit the Design Lab.



ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS: Success rarely happens the first time we build something new. Campers explore the value of planning, designing, building, testing, evaluating, and improving their projects.  

DO IT YOURSELF: In a world where so much comes pre-made and prepackaged we like to inspire a little innovation, creativity, and appreciation for the things we have and the amount of thought that goes into them. Nothing builds creativity and confidence like DIY. Campers get to see their ideas come to life through their own efforts. We give them the knowledge, tools and support to practice new skills and create something they can call their own. 

SCIENCE EXPLORATION: a wide variety of engineering and physics concepts are explored throughout our projects, including: motion, friction, buoyancy, lift, matter, density, surface area, and much more!



  • Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies

  • Each weeks incorporates professionally designed community building to help campers meet new people and build lasting friendships

  • Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community

  • Extended Care is also available starting at 8:00 am and after camp until 5:30 pm at most locations

  • Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their commitment to providing engaging and collaborative learning environments for all campers