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Writing: 4th-6th


For our 4th-6th grade campers, Creating Characters will build upon the story arc as they delve into writing multiple short stories with different writing techniques. To help bring these tales to life, students will take part in creative storytelling activities to get outside and get moving!

We also explore powerful literature to inspire our own creations. Authors' writing will come alive with lessons on plot, archetypes, dialogue, setting, and much more. Authors will experience the entire writing process repeatedly through a variety of perspectives and medium, including writing their own original poetry.

At the end of the week, authors will chose their favorite piece to be published in a class book. This book will be mailed home to families after camp has concluded.



CHARACTER SKETCHES: Authors create dynamic character profiles and explore their fictional characters in depth. After studying traditional character archetypes, they will give life and heart to their own original characters.

POETRY EXPLORATION: Each day has a few "Poetry Breaks" build in. Authors will hear a wide variety of poetry and use these examples as Inspiration to express themselves using this media.

FINAL PUBLICATION: The final volume of camper writing will be mailed to families at the conclusion of camp.  This is certain to become a treasure you will keep forever!




THE WRITING PROCESS:  For anyone to become a proficient writer, writing often is a must! At camp we write all the time, while always encouraging a love for the process of creating, revising, and sharing with an audience.  Authors will practice their writing skills while also hearing powerful excerpts from literature and watching their teacher create their own adventure right alongside!


THE S-T-O-R-Y ARC: Authors will explore all the aspects of a traditional Story Arc throughout the week: Set the Stage, Take your reader on a journey, Oops, a problem!, Resolve & react, Your reader learns a lesson.


PUBLIC SPEAKING: Authors will have a chance to share their developing with their friends at camp, share ideas, and advertise their adventures via commercial. While public speaking is not the main focus of this camp, we at Camp Brainy Bunch always try to develop and practice public speaking at any opportunity.



  • Healthy lunches are provided each day through School Foodies.
  • Campers participate in teambuilding and collaborative activities each day.  By the end of the first day, they have already made great friends!
  • Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community.
  • Extended Care (8:00 - 9:00 am and 3:00-5:50 pm) is also available at most locations.  
  • Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and passion for hands-on learning.