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Leadership: 1st-3rd


“All I did was help someone find his dream”
- Captain America

Put on your cape and fly into adventure! Create your own hero persona: craft your cape, your mask, and your insignia while we explore the questions of: What makes a hero act for others? Why do heroes want to help others?

In one week of adventure, we will learn how to be a hero and be a part of a heroic team. Our goal is to be the best superheroes ever!  Campers will build your their hero skills with daily team challenges, exciting games, and hero value lessons. At camp, we will continually emphasize our SUPER values:

          S - Serving
          U - Upstanding Behavior
          P - Partnership
          E - Empathy
          R - Responsibility

Campers explore each value by creating daily comic book pages which will illustrate how their hero overcomes a challenges.  Throughout the week, they will explore big and small ways to help everyone around them.    





DAILY TEAM CHALLENGES: Team challenges instill practical leadership skills through hands-on problem solving. Superheroes must overcome communication obstacles, role changes, direction mishaps, and more! At the same time, they will be climbing through Spiderman's web, crossing a lava river, or defeating other forces of evil.

SUPERHERO PERSONAS: Superheroes will create masks, capes, and insignias for their personal superhero. These creative projects help to focus instruction on displaying values and representing yourself as a leader.

VALUE LESSONS & COMIC BOOKS: These engaging projects give superheroes opportunities to internalize the character traits of effective leaders. Through storytelling, problem solving, and comic book creation, we discuss and apply character lessons to their everyday lives.

HEALTHY HEROES: Every day includes  high energy and mindfulness activities that exercise body and mind. These exercises (combined with a healthy lunch and plenty of movement) give each hero the chance to be at their best.



CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:  Great leaders are made from strong minds that guide their big hearts to act. We build both by exploring honesty, integrity, empathy, community, respect, and humility.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Each day we apply multiple leadership skills across all activities. We also take the time to debrief and discuss, so campers understand what they have accomplished and how it can impact the world.   Your young superhero will take these values and skills with them wherever they go in the future!



  • Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies

  • Each week incorporates professionally designed community building to help campers meet new people and build lasting friendships

  • Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community

  • Extended Care is also available starting at 8:00 am and after camp until 5:30 pm at most locations

  • Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their commitment to providing engaging and collaborative learning environments for all campers