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Camp Brainy Bunch - Jobs

Join a team that is a litte nerdy, a little crazy, and very awesome!



Communicator, Leader, Educator, Goofball.

Your ideal summer is spent as a jack-of-all trades in a camp where you are excited to bring an outstanding academic experience. You enjoy talking with people, leading a team, juggling logistics, and inspiring youth. You are the leader on the ground at one or two Camp Brainy Bunch sites. 

Time Commitment: 40-50 hour/wk during Summer Operations  
March - Early June:  2-3 training days and meetings, plus recruitment of your team (5-10 hours/wk) 
Mid June - Early August: Typically 40+ hours per week
Candidate Qualifications: College Grad; current teacher, school administrator, or previous camp leadership experience


Inspire, educate and lead. Your camp world is all about creating an exciting and energetic learning experience.

Available Subjects: Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Leadership, Engineering / STEAM
Hour/Week: 35-40
Commitment: 2-7 weeks
Compensation: $650-$900/week (based on experience and subject matter expertise)
Candidate Qualifications: College Grad; current teacher, subject matter expert 


Inspire, support, engage, and create. Instructor Aides at Camp Brainy Bunch help to create an exciting and energetic learning experience.

Hour/Week: 25 - 40
Commitment: 2-6 weeks
Compensation:$11 - $16 / hour (based on experience)
Candidate Qualifications: Current college student, early college graduate, camp experience, or experience teaching elementary students





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