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Creative Writing and Storytelling

A dash of drama, two handfuls of creativity, a large cup of hard work, and a generous pinch of madness. Ah! The perfect smoothie for the inspired storyteller.

How our story comes togeather...

Dramatic Structure

Every great story has its ups and downs. Campers explore the concepts of story structure through micro fiction, storyboarding, comics and more. Then they apply their new understanding and inspiration to their own creations.

Character Driven

At the heart of every great tale is a great character. Through games and activities campers explore the importance of knowing the characters we create. We then add a dose of critical thinking as campers enrich their tales with a relatable and exciting cast.

Inspired Activities

Dramatic skits, storyboard puzzles, loads of games, and a clash of characters. One week barely contains the creativity and organized madness of a Camp Brainy Bunch storytelling. 

2018 Creative Writing and Storytelling Camps

Grades 1-3 - Storytellers

Grades 4-6 - Creating Characters