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STEM- Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

STEM has become a popular term to describe a lot of very different types of programs within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Here is what it means at Camp Brainy Bunch…

Get Hands-on 

Projects are engaging, kinesthetic and spearheaded by the campers. These are the reinforced with learning concepts that become second nature to our excited innovators. With a strong mix of instruction methods camper get exposed to concepts through multiple learning styles. 

Do-It-Yourself Spirit

Embrace the “can do” attitude; we focus creative thinking skills and the confidence that allows campers to push their limits and take on new challenges. Our materials are sourced at local hardware stores and easy access online retailers so campers can recreate their projects at home with simple tools and their new know-how.

Learning Impact 

We focus on simple but important concepts in a single-subject area. These learning objectives are then reinforce throughout the week; approaching topics from different perspectives and through different medium. The result... a week that makes a real impact on camper understanding.

2018 STEM Camps 

Grades 1-3 - Builders Workshop

Grades 4-6 - Powered Up