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Public Speaking: 1st-3rd

2018 Theme: Friendship Rocks!

Jump into a laugh-filled adventure that will help young actors explore all the facets of public speaking! 

In this summer's mini production, we will be acting out one of our favorite friendship books. Each camper will have a prominent role in telling the story together. Along the way, we will learn and discuss important lessons about friendship while playing games that improve upon all our delivery skills. Our young actors will develop public speaking skills while practicing narrating, focus, memorization, projection, and more with SPEAK

S - Stand tall

P - Push out your voice

E - Eyes on your audience

A - Act the part

K - Keep practicing!  

Take the Stage is filled with activities, instruction, practice, and games to develop and reinforce Public Speaking skills. At the same time, we are actively building a wonderfully supportive camp community. Week-long sessions include scripted mini plays and other exercises that build poise, volume, audience contact, characterization, and more.

This is a program for any camper looking for an awesome summer of acting and laughter, and is the camp of choice for any parent looking to help their child gain comfort and confidence speaking in front of groups.



READERS THEATER PRACTICE:  Campers learn, practice, and perform from mini-scripts all week long.  Throughout these low-stress activities, campers develop all of our S.P.E.A.K. delivery skills.

MINI PRODUCTION:  Families are welcome to join us for the final performance of our “Friendship Rocks!” mini production. This is a fun opportunity to see the skill development accomplished by each camper in just one short week.

SETS & PROPS: Occasionally we need breaks from performances and speaking practice. These breaks provide opportunities to create sets, accessories, props and more. Each activity is used to a variety of way to reinforce, improve and motivate further public speaking practice.

GAMES, GAMES, & MORE GAMES! We have an endless repertoire of hilarious games that will make everyone laugh while they are practicing important public speaking skills and building friendships with fellow campers.


PUBLIC SPEAKING: This is an absolutely essential skill set for any child or adult. The best approach to building comfort and confidence in public speaking starts with quality instruction, and is further developed with regular practice and exposure. Start building these skills early, then keep it going and growing! To do this, check out our summer programs beyond Camp Brainy Bunch at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other top schools at


  • Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies
  • Each week incorporates professionally designed community building to help campers meet new people and build lasting friendships
  • Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community
  • Extended Care is also available starting at 8:00 am and after camp until 5:30 pm at most locations
  • Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their commitment to providing engaging and collaborative learning environments for all campers