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Camp Brainy Bunch Leadership is...

About the Individual

Each camper has a different personality and comfort with leadership roles. Fortunately, leadership is not a skill set that fits one type of person; it is persuasive, inspiring, organized, precise, analytical, creative, informed, and much much more. Campers challenge themselves to consider the values that make them each natural leaders. By focusing on the individual values that make them amazing, we build a strong foundation to grow in other areas of leadership. 

About the Team

Without a team or group to lead it is impossible to be a leader. Plus, it is a lot more fun to learn to lead when you are with a group that is having a great time doing it. Campers are challenged as a team to complete leadership exercises that require teamwork. These creative activities promote our camp values of supportive leadership and build a variety of skills. Now put on your blindfold and let us lead you into fun. 

Keeping it Fun

With a supportive camp community, crazy and creative topics, exciting challenges and zany games we make everyday a positive experience. 

Summer 2018 Courses

Grades 1-3 - Superheroes

Grades 4-6 - Campaign Trail